Science Level 3

What is the course offering/ who should enrol?

  • This NCEA Level 3 course is beneficial for students who want to pursue a more technical pathway in foundation courses at Tertiary institutions e.g. nursing foundation science courses.

  • It is also ideal for students who have interests in Earth and Space Science.

  • It is recommended to students who have pursued science at Level 2 (Biology, Chemistry or Physics).

Science level 3 list of standards 2022

What should I have learned?

    • Know the safety requirements regarding the use of hazardous materials and procedures as covered in Year 11 Laboratory safety Skills units.

What are the important assessment information?

  • The timing of assessments: The course is personalised to each individual student, therefore planner will be given at the start of the year when choices are made.

  • Resubmission opportunity will be only allowed where they take a student from "Not Achieved" grade to an " Achieved" grade.

  • NZQA/NCEA requirements: as a student you must be fully aware of the coursework requirements outlined regarding: authenticity, absence, appeals, reassessment, resubmission, misconduct, late work, attendance, course completion and endorsement requirements. See Assessment planner for Assessment Information.