Science LEVEL 3

This NCEA Level 3 course is beneficial for students who want to pursue a more technical pathway in foundation courses at Tertiary institutions e.g. nursing foundation science courses .

It is only applicable to students who have pursued science at Level 2 (Biology, Chemistry or Physics). In order to be selected for the course, the students need to submit a small extract maximum 500 words outlining why they wish to take this course and how it will benefit them in the future. This needs to be emailed to Ms Nadiya at

The students are expected to gain 14 credits from this course. In the table below, there is a list of optional standards available.


    • students coming from the Level 2 Sciences (PHY, BIO and CHEM) need to have passed with a total of 14 credits across the three sciences

Other information: all safety requirements regarding the use of hazardous materials and procedures MUST be followed, as covered in Year 11 Laboratory safety Skills units.

Stationery requirements: a 2B8 exercise book is strongly recommended. A pad of refill This will have sufficient space for the whole year's work. A calculator will also be needed. General writing material includes pens (blue or black,) and a pencil.

The timing of assessments: The course is personalised to each individual student, therefore planner will be given at the start of the year when choices are made.

NZQA/NCEA requirements: as a student you must be fully aware of the coursework requirements outlined regarding: authenticity, absence, appeals, reassessment, resubmission, misconduct, late work, attendance, course completion and endorsement requirements. See Assessment planner and year plan for Assessment Information.

Course Cost: $40

EOTC: Yes. Some trip costs may be required.