Science LEVEL 3

NEW IN 2019

This is a NCEA Level 3 course intended for students who wish to pursue a more technical pathway in Science, eg: nursing foundation science courses at tertiary institutions.

This course is suitable for students who have taken a science subject at Level 2 (Chemistry, Biology, or Physics) but yet wish to continue taking Science at Level 3, or have a Science career.

Below are some of the optional standards available in the course.

All students are expected to gain a minimum of 14 credits from this course.


    • students coming from the Level 2 sciences (PHY, BIO and CHEM) need to have passed with a total of 14 credits across the three sciences

Other information: all safety requirements regarding the use of hazardous materials and procedures MUST be followed, as covered in Year 11 Laboratory safety Skills units.

Stationery requirements: a 2B8 exercise book is strongly recommended. A pad of refill This will have sufficient space for the whole year's work. A calculator will also be needed. General writing material includes pens (blue or black,) and a pencil.

The timing of assessments: The year planner will be provided which includes assessment dates

NZQA/NCEA requirements: as a student you must be fully aware of the coursework requirements outlined regarding: authenticity, absence, appeals, reassessment, resubmission, misconduct, late work, attendance, course completion and endorsement requirements. See Assessment planner and year plan for Assessment Information.

Course Cost: $40

EOTC: yes. Some trip costs may be required.