Level 3 Dance

What should I have already achieved?

This course will be offered again in 2021 depending on numbers.

At least 10 credits in Level 2 Dance, Music or Drama

What will I learn?

In Level 3 Dance, you will continue to develop technique, strength and flexibility. There will be a stronger focus on contemporary dance. You will continue to develop and broaden your understanding of choreography by studying and analysing dance performance, technologies and general performance practices. You will experience a variety of dance genres, such as jazz, Bollywood, contemporary, safe partnering practices and choreographic tasking, with a greater emphasis on technique. There will be opportunities for you to view professional dance works during the year and to have guest tutors in class.

Dance is an approved subject for University Entrance, and an academic Scholarship subject at Level 3.

How will this course be assessed?

Level 3 Dance offers a maximum of 30 credits, although students are advised to select just one of the optional assessments; 26 internal and 4 external credits. All internal assessments will be recorded for moderation purposes.

At Level 3, performing individually is student choice.

Will there be any FAO? (Further Assessment Opportunities)


Are there pre-requisites for Scholarship Dance?

Discretional entry must be approved by of the teacher in charge of the course, in consultation with the LA.

What are the course costs?

$30 for performance resources plus approximately $50 for live performances during the year.