Any student has the right to appeal any assessment decision within five school days of the return of the assessment. These include, but are not limited to their awarded grade/mark, an allegation that they have breached the rules or a decision affecting their access to assessment. In the first instance the student should try to resolve the issue directly with the TIC (teacher in charge of the course). If this does not produce a satisfactory outcome for the student they should lodge a formal appeal to the Principal’s Nominee / Deputy Principal. If a student is absent at the time that the assessment is checked, it is the student's responsibility to make an appointment to check the results of their assessment. Detailed assessment schedules will be available to the student for all summative assessments.

Appeal process:

  • If a student intends to appeal an assessment decision he/she should make a photocopy of the assessed assignment. The course teacher should keep the original student assignment after student checking has taken place.

  • Submit a completed Appeal Form to the Deputy Principal in charge of NCEA. (Appeal Form available below as an attachment)

  • The Deputy Principal will investigate the issue. The investigation could involve the school receiving input from a subject specialist outside the school.

  • The decision of the Deputy Principal is final and they will communicate the outcome to the student in writing.