What should I already have achieved?

English Level 3 is a university approved subject

What will I learn in English?

What will you do?

Level 3 English demands that the students become critically analytical and appreciative of concepts studied within literature and film. Level 3 English is designed to equip students with a range of tools that will prepare them for life at tertiary level. To be successful in this course students need to strive to always achieve their best, approach all experiences in English with an open mind and grow through observation and reflection, be curious and seek to find answers, be creative and innovative and respect everyone's ideas and sharing opinions.  

How will you be assessed?

This course is made up of three internal and two external achievement standards offered in English at  NCEA Level 3.   The goals within this course are to obtain University Entrance Literacy and to gain at least 17 credits towards achieving Level 3 NCEA.  Students are also encouraged to aim for Merit or Excellence subject endorsement in English.