Year 11 Drama

What will I learn?

The one thing you have that no one else does is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. Drama doesn’t help you find what you already possess. Drama helps to give yourself permission to use it.

Are you looking to apply for medical school? Perhaps your ambition is to be a lawyer? Or maybe you want to create and run your own business? Any career choice requires one thing in common, the ability to be present, fearless, and have your voice heard.

In addition to gaining theatre-specific skills and knowledge, you will learn life skills in confidence, interpersonal communication, creative problem-solving, and collaboration. As well as develop social-emotional skills such as empathy, focus, resilience and the ability to think on your feet under pressure. In the process, you will gain a greater knowledge of yourself and will be taken on a journey of play and exploration. You will develop spontaneity, boldness, freedom, and courage to place yourself in other people's shoes.

Drama isn’t a subject, Drama prepares you for any subject.

Please note you do not have to take the Drama Production course if you solely want to take the Drama skills course. However, we strongly encourage you to take the Drama skills course if you have chosen to take the Drama Production course in order to give you a solid well rounded understanding.

What will I learn?

A school production is an experience unlike any other. It’s a collaboration of ideas, team work, support, trust, disputes, hysterical inside jokes and unity.

At OSC, our productions develop not only unforgettable memories, but lifelong passions, the art of accountability, friendships and the experience in being part of a company.

Whether you desire to be on stage or backstage this course will give you the ability to explore your interest in experiencing what it is to be part of a theatrical production and gain credits at the same time!

Any budding actors out there will have the chance to audition, rehearse and perform in a live show. Those of you who prefer backstage and see yourselves as design wizards with visions in creating and building sets, making costumes and devising sound and lighting designs will thrive at this opportunity to be part of something liberating and magical. This is an officially recognised course that falls under the Drama curriculum where you can receive NCEA credits.

We strongly encourage that if you choose the Drama Production course, that you also choose the Drama skills course, in order to give you a well established overall understanding of Drama/performance and the training/method behind it.