Physics of Mechanics

In this course you will study

  • Distance, speed, forces, gravity, acceleration, graphs of motion

  • Pressure, work and power, gravitational potential energy, kinetic energy, and the conservation of mechanical energy in free fall situations

  • These will be related to everyday experiences such as journeys, sport and performance.

Physics of Electricity and Magnetism

In this course you will study

  • Static Electricity: positive and negative charge, conductors and insulators, uniform and non-uniform charge distributions, earthing, electrical discharge in air, separation of charge by friction, charging by contact.

  • DC Electricity: voltage, current, resistance, power, series circuits and simple parallel circuits, circuit diagrams, the relationships

  • Magnetism: magnetic field of bar magnets, the earth’s magnetic field, magnetic fields due to currents in straight wires and solenoids, right-hand grip rule, electromagnet.

YEAR 11 Physics of Mechanics(PHYM) COURSE OUTLINE

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YEAR 11 Physics of Electricity (PHYE) COURSE OUTLINE

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What should I have already achieved?

You should have an interest in Physics and be willing to develop good scientific attitudes and critical thinking. You should be able to ask a series of related questions that make them suitable for scientific investigation, to record observations and to identify possible solutions for trialing purpose.

How will I be assessed?

  • Formative Tests

  • Research and referencing skills

  • Lab practical skills

  • Scientific method of investigation

  • Scientific report writing skills

  • Mock NCEA exams (AS 90940 & AS 90937)

  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to do NCEA externals if planning to continue to physics 2

What are the recommendations for Level 2 Physics course in 2022?

  • Highly recommended to take Physics of Mechanics (PHYM) course and preferably alongside Physics of Electricity & Magnetism (PHYE) in 2022

  • Demonstrate evidence of competency in Physics concepts and principles in the form of a portfolio of tasks collected through their learning which must include the end of topic test/mock exam or NCEA external.

  • Entry into Level 2 MAT in 2022