Pacific Studies

Year 11 Pacific Studies looks at the Pacific Regions and gives ākonga the opportunities to make personal, whānau, and community connections with their learning. 

Students will be building a range of inquiry skills in order to understand Pacific countries, cultures, groups, and individuals. Ākonga will be able to understand the creation of cultures in the Pacific, looking at migration and development of cultural practices in the Pacific as well as their significance at the time and today. 

Students will also explore the diaspora of the Pacific, particularly in Aotearoa New Zealand. We will be exploring New Zealand-born Pacific Islands and the role that Aotearoa New Zealand has in supporting our Pacific nation neighbours both as countries and their people. They will explore Past and Current Challenges Pacific Islanders have faced and how they have overcome these obstacles. Students will also explore the positive impact the diverse Pacific culture has had on Tāmaki Makakurau Auckland.