Student librarians

Student librarians provide an invaluable service to the school. They give up their time, either lunch time, study time or i-time to provide circulation services.

How to become a librarian:

  • Fill in an application form available from the library

  • Attend the training session on Thursday morning before school starts

What is involved:

  • You will be timetabled for one duty a week, either at lunchtime, i-time or study.

  • Two people on duty at a time is ideal.

  • You will be issuing, returning, shelving, and helping people find things: customer service

  • You may have to be in charge if the librarian has a job to do elsewhere in the school or is away

  • If you can't make it, arrange a swap or tell the librarian. Your study comes first.


  • It's fun!

  • You learn new skills: database, customer service, library skills, communication, relationship building, leadership

  • The librarian can be a referee for you

  • Pizza lunch at the end of the year