Food and cooking


        Light (easy to carry) and nutritious (not empty calories)

As little packaging as possible

  Bring harder food, so it doesn't get damaged

            (apple rather than banana, 

dried rather than fresh)

        Bring what you are familiar with 

and what you like to eat and know how to cook.

Bring what is easy to cook 

e.g. just add water, or reheat.

Bring something to make the day sparkle: 

salad, cake, special coffee, sauces - 

whatever is a treat for you in a meal. 


Choose dense carbohydrates for slow release energy:

 weetbix, oats, vogels bread.

Choose bananas or prunes for magnesium and 

potassium which stops cramps.

Choose eggs, cheese, nuts (almonds are good), tuna, 

dried or fresh or preserved meat for protein and energy. 

Choose chocolate, biscuits, dried fruit, lollies, 

and sweet drinks for quick release sugar - 

but not all the time or you will crash.