Why do some siblings look so similar, while others look so different? Why do you have brown eyes, while your dad has blue eyes? 

This course will help you to explore individual traits that makes us unique. Take this a step further and we will also look at all living things.


How do we get sick? Do plants and animals get sick?

Germs !! Germs !! Germs!! What do they do? How do they “work”? 

This course will explore the effects of bacteria, viruses & fungi on all living things.

What will I learn in either biology courses?

Both courses are designed to ensure that all the learning and skills developed throughout the course, will help you to be successful with the Level 2 Biology course.

Throughout either courses, you will: 

The Genetics course will have a focus on cellular biology, the genetic code, how to predict monohybrid inheritance traits, factors for variation within populations, and how important variation is for a population. 

The Germs course will have a focus on life processes in micro-organisms ("mircobes" for short), applications of microbes in industry, and how our understanding of microbes have helped us to combat diseases caused by pathogens.

Semester 1 Planners (Term 1 & Term 2)

Genetics (BIOG): Click Here

Microbes (BIOM) Click Here

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