Level 3 Drama

2021 Level 3 Drama standards

What should I have already achieved?

For the best success it is recommended that you have taken level 2 Drama in the previous year. It is advisable to have successfully completed the year 11 DRAC course as a minimum, but students who have demonstrated a passion for performing arts either within the school or externally are also welcome to take this course.

What will I learn?

Drama expresses human experience through a focus on role, action, and tension, played out in time and space. In drama education, students learn to structure these elements and to use dramatic conventions, techniques, and technologies to create imagined worlds.

As students work with drama techniques, they learn to use spoken and written language with increasing control and confidence and to communicate effectively using body language, movement, and space. As they perform, analyse, and respond to different forms of drama and theatre, they gain a deeper appreciation of their rich cultural heritage and language and new power to examine attitudes, behaviours and values.

Specifically the course will cover: Study of a theatre form or genre - in 2021 this will be either Commedia del Arte or Greek theatre, Writing a script for the purpose of performance and view and analysing of live performances and Performing an acting role. It may also involve directing.

How will this course be assessed?

See above.

Will there be any FAO? (Further Assessment Opportunities)

There is a possibility for a FAO of 91512 in term 3 if necessary but this may mean removing one of the other standards to make time.

What are the course costs?

Approximately $30-50 for live performances and transport. - This is not compulsory, but there is assessment directly linked to the attendance at a live performance.