Student Led Initiatives

So you want to organise something at school involving Ormiston Senior College students?

Ormiston Senior College encourages students to take the initiative and organise events, activities that provide opportunities for students to:

• Raise funds for community groups/organisations

• Participate in competitions and extend course-based learning

• Develop college Spirit Groups 

• Develop leadership and organisational skills

• Demonstrate an understanding of global issues

• Showcase their talents and skills

Applications for student-led initiatives need to follow the process:

1. Download a Student Initiative Application document (see below)

2. Complete the application and hand to the Principal's Assistant / Board Secretary, Ms Alison Crabbe

Section A: This details your initiative

Section B: This section is to be completed by a staff member.

Discuss your idea with the staff member. If the staff member grants the initiative get them to sign and complete Section B

Section C:  In this section you need to demonstrate that you have given the process sufficient planning and research into how the activity will run. 

Please attach any additional substantiation you may deem necessary.

Section D: This must be completed by the staff member that granted you ‘approval in principle. You must submit your application at least one month prior to the proposed date of the initiative where possible for submission to the Board of Trustees.

Section E: The application will be considered by the Board of Trustees (BoT) and you will be informed of the decision.

Request for Student led initiative .pdf