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  1. Students must complete and sign the Authenticity Form. The Authenticity Form applies to all courses the student is in. Below is a copy of what each student sign upon enrolment.

  2. All work submitted for assessment must be genuinely the student’s own work.

  3. If it is legitimate to source information to support ideas, then it is vital to acknowledge / reference that information in the appropriate manner (ie where work of another person is used, it must be clearly identified and the source must be properly acknowledged in footnotes, captions or bibliography).

  4. Authenticity requirements may include a combination of:

    • Submission of draft notes/research notes/sketches etc

    • Supervision/monitoring/check pointing of in-class work towards an assessment

    • Completion of assessment work in class

    • Completion of assessment under test conditions

    • Staff/student conferences to establish a student’s understanding of content and process relating to an assessment activity

    • Acknowledgement of all sources used in a bibliography

    • Teacher knowledge of individual student strengths and weaknesses

    • Change the context of assessments from year to year

    • Develop assessment banks of activities that are alternated

  5. If there are any concerns about the authenticity of any or all of the work submitted the matter will be investigated by the course teacher, the TIC, Deputy Principal and the Principal’s Nominee.

  6. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all work submitted is their own work. Using information or material without acknowledgement is plagiarism, a serious form of cheating, and will result in:

    • No grade for the assessment

    • Appropriate school procedures

Breaches of Assessment Protocols

Allegations will be investigated under the leadership of the Principal's Nominee or Deputy Principal.

Any applicable documentation will be retained.

The final decision will be made by the Principal's Nominee / Deputy Principal based on all the evidence / submissions provided. If deemed to be necessary a consultation process will take place with the Principal to arrive at a final decision.

Declaration of Authenticity signed by students: