Pacific Studies

Please note this is a mixture of Pacific Studies Unit Standards and History Achievement Standard.

What should I have already achieved?

  • To have gained Level 1 Literacy, and have taken a literacy based semester subject in Year 11.

What will I learn?

How will this course be assessed?

  • This course will be assessed through three internal individual assessments and a choice of one external assessment.


Pacific Diaspora

Migration is not a new phenomenon to Pacific Island people, there has been movement between islands before there were outside European influences. We will be looking at the movement of Pacific people in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries through the lens of different aspects of Pacific Island society.

Sovereignty and Succession

You will be exploring the role of different power systems in the Pacific Islands, looking at traditional and modern systems, as well as the impact of colonisation of the Pacific Island region. Looking at Case Studies in Hawaii and Sāmoa.

Will there be any FAO? (Further Assessment Opportunities)

No, there will be no opportunities to complete any Further Assessment Opportunities in Pacific Studies.

Will there be resubmissions?

Resubmissions will only be allowed that take a student from a Not Achieved to an Achieved grade.

Course Cost

There will be no course costs in Pacific Studies .