What will I learn?

Investigative Chemistry

Do you know what to do when a bee stings you or when you have indigestion? 

Explore your passion for chemistry through experimenting with chemical reactions. Think like a scientist and carry out a range of practical investigations to explore acids and bases in our daily lives. 

What will I learn?

Physics of Mechanics

Related to everyday experiences : Distance, speed, forces, gravity, acceleration, graphs of motion.

Pressure, work and power, gravitational potential energy, kinetic energy, and the conservation of mechanical energy in free fall situations

What will I learn?

Human Genetics

Why do some siblings look so similar, while others look so different? Why do you have brown eyes, while your dad has blue eyes? 

This course will help you to explore individual traits that makes us unique. Take this a step further and we will also look at all living things.


Carbon in Real Life

Have you ever played with dry ice? Do you wonder where your petrol comes from?  

Investigate the many fascinating ways carbon is utilised in our everyday lives.  Make molecular models of organic compounds. 

This course helps you understand the ways carbon compounds and chemical processes interact with people and the environment with such topics as global warming and the impact of plastic. 

 Electricity and Magnetism

Static Electricity: positive and negative charge, conductors and insulators, uniform and non-uniform charge distributions, earthing, electrical discharge in air, separation of charge by friction, charging by contact.

DC Electricity: voltage, current, resistance, power, series circuits and simple parallel circuits.

Magnetism: magnetic field of bar magnets, the earth’s magnetic field, magnetic fields due to currents in straight wires and solenoids, right-hand grip rule, electromagnet

 Germs, what are they good for?

How do we get sick?

Do plants and animals get sick?

Germs !! Germs !! Germs!! 

What do they do? 

How do they “work”? 

This course will explore the effects of bacteria, viruses & fungi on all living things.