Investigative Chemistry

Do you know what to do when a bee stings you or when you have indigestion? 

Explore your passion for chemistry through experimenting with chemical reactions. Think like a scientist and carry out a range of practical investigations to explore acids and bases in our daily lives. 

General Science
New Course in 2024

If you have general interest in science or uncertain whether Science is required for your pathway, this is the course for you!

In this course you will develop your scientific literacy skills, plan and carry out scientific investigations. The skills and concepts taught in this course will provide you with a general understanding and viewpoint of the Science around us, and the community. 

Some of the key skills that you will develop in this course are:

While there are elements of Biology, Chemistry and Physics being covered in this course, the focus of this course is to provide a core foundation in how to work and think scientifically.


Why do some siblings look so similar, while others look so different? Why do you have brown eyes, while your dad has blue eyes? 

This course will help you to explore individual traits that makes everyone unique as well as explore the reasons for the genetic diversity of all organisms around us.



Related to everyday experiences : Distance, speed, forces, gravity, acceleration &motion.

Pressure, work and power, gravitational potential energy, kinetic energy, and the conservation of mechanical energy in free fall situations.


Electricity and Magnetism

Static Electricity: positive and negative charge, conductors and insulators, uniform and non-uniform charge distributions, earthing, electrical discharge

DC Electricity: voltage, current, resistance, power, series circuits and parallel circuits.

Magnetism: magnetic field of bar magnets, the earth’s magnetic field, magnetic fields due to currents in straight wires and solenoids, right-hand grip rule, electromagnets.