OSC Curriculum


The OSC  Course Pathway Map is  useful for seeing the approximate learning progression or a learning area or when considering multi-levelling programmes.


A summary of year 11 semester courses in 2024 

Ormiston Senior College has been offering NCEA differently since 2019.  The NCEA Level 1 qualification has been replaced with an innovative semester focus in preparation for NCEA Level 2.

Year 11 students can study up to 8 semester courses in addition to Mathematics and English:

Students work with their Learning Advisors to help them plan their career pathways and ensure they are taking courses that will lead them in the direction they wish to follow. The college is able to personalise programmes based on student needs. 

YEAR 12 & YEAR 13

In year 12 and 13, the NCEA Level 2 and 3 structure offers specialisation based on strengths, interests and career aspirations. 

Overall Course Pathway Map

NCEA Level 2 Course Outlines

NCEA Level 3 Course Outlines

When choosing subjects, there are also some useful resources on the Careers New Zealand website such as: