What should I have already achieved?

What will I learn?

How is this course assessed?

Learning in History is assessed through internal and external achievement standards. The focus is on learning the skills around interpretation of sources through research, perspectives, cause and effect, and events of significance to New Zealand. 


Hiroshima Bombing

An event that is look upon even today through different perspective lens, the Hiroshima Bombing is a key event in World History and more specifically Japanese and Amercian History. We will be exploring a range of perspectives, primary, secondary, historian, scientific and more in order to explore the contested nature of this event. 

Bastion Point

We will be looking through the lens of significance to build an understanding of this major protest movement in Aotearoa New Zealand's history, more specifically, Tāmaki Mākaurau Auckland. 

Shoah - Holocaust

You will have the option to choose a historical topic of your interest with the Shoah - Holocaust to conduct research on through exploration of primary and secondary sources. You will form an inquiry in order to build your investigation around and evaluate the process. 

Will there be any FAO? (Further Assessment Opportunities)

No, there will be no opportunities to complete any Further Assessment Opportunities in History.

Will there be resubmissions?

Resubmissions will only be allowed that take a student from a Not Achieved to an Achieved grade.