Level 3 History Assessment Standards

In Level 3 History 2020, students will be offered TWO internals only. These two internals will help them gain 10 credits before externals.

Students will then be able to select ONE or TWO externals to study towards.

All History credits are worth Literacy credits, however, writing credits can only be gained externally.

What will I learn?


Ka tīmata te nohanga ki Takaparawhau - Reoccupation of Bastion Point

This topic explores local Māori History, of Ngāti Whātua Orākei and the reoccupation of Takaparawhau (Bastion Point). This topic looks at the long-term effects on people in regards to colonisation and imperialism. There will be a range of primary and secondary sources which can be looked at to gain a depth of understanding of the event and its effects on people.


Understanding the impact of the Wannsee Conference and the implementation of the Final Solution will be prominent in this course, and understanding how this event effected people and their lives over a period of time and in different ways. Hearing survivor stories and understanding the event through people and who they were and are, will also be a large part of this course.



  • Be able to locate a range of relevant historical information from a range of sources
  • Using the internet, scholar information, libraries, museums, and so on.


  • Being able to identify, understanding and analyse different points of views as an historian
  • Looking at past, present, individual and group perspectives

Cause and Effect

  • Being able to see events, people, ideas which led toward an historical event occurring
  • Looking at the effects in both positive and negative; in relation to the affects on people's lives


  • Looking at what makes an event important/significant at the time, in present time, to individuals/groups/society/etc.


  • Being able to identify primary and secondary sources; being able to analyse them in depth and understanding towards answering questions based of historical concepts.

What should I have already achieved?

  • It would be advisable to have at least 10 credits from either Level 2 History or a literacy based subject before continuing with Level 3 History.

How will this course be assessed?

  • This course will be assessment through two internal individual assessments, and a two external assessments.

Will there be any FAOs (Further Assessment Opportunities)?

  • There will be no FAOs offered in Year 13 History.

What are the course costs?