What should I have already achieved?

  • It would be advisable to have at least 10 credits from either Level 2 History or a literacy based subject before continuing with Level 3 History.

What will I learn?

How is this course assessed?

Learning in History is assessed through internal and external achievement standards. The focus is on learning the skills around interpretation of sources through research, perspectives, cause and effect, and events of significance to New Zealand.


Dawn Raids / Polynesian Panthers

This topic will explore an issue of race relations in Aotearoa New Zealand's history. Looking at the migration of Pacific Islanders to Aotearoa and the creation of the Polynesian Panther Group in relation to rising issues about treatment of Pacific Islanders. You will be looking at perspectives around the Government initiative of the Dawn Raids.

Your choice

You will have the option to choose a historical topic of your interest to conduct research on and present your understanding of significance around.


Understanding the impact of the Kristallnacht and the role of Nazism will be prominent in this course, and understanding how this event affected people and their lives over a period of time and in different ways. Hearing survivor stories and understanding the event through people and who they were and are, will also be a large part of this course.

Will there be any FAO? (Further Assessment Opportunities)

No, there will be no opportunities to complete any Further Assessment Opportunities in History.

Will there be resubmissions?

Resubmissions will only be allowed that take a student from a Not Achieved to an Achieved grade.

Course Cost

There will be no course costs in History.