Art in motion

Are you looking for an opportunity to express yourself through dance and movement? Are you aspiring to be a Dancer, Choreographer or just love to boogie? No need for prior experience, this course is for any student who has an interest in movement and the cross curricular, lifelong skills Dance can develop such as:

  • Adaptability, critical thinking, communication, listening, teamwork, leadership, motivation, resilience;

  • Creative and innovative thinking, imagination, confidence, self-esteem, safe risk-taking;

  • Improved memory, improved balance, spatial awareness, musicality, coordination, agility, flexibility, muscle tone and strength, increased aerobic fitness, increased endorphins, heart and lung conditioning, better social and communication skills… just to name a few!

What will I learn?
In this course you will learn both the physical techniques and the history of four specified dance genres whilst having further opportunities to explore a larger range of dance styles. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to create choreography and how to present your own work.

Throughout the semester other learning experiences may include:

  • Performing in front of live audiences;

  • Workshops led by professional leaders in the NZ Dance sector;

  • Attend professional live Dance shows;

  • Theoretical understanding and physical application of the Dance elements, choreographic devices and choreographic structures;

  • Opportunities to connect with diverse people, ideas, cultures and history.