Level 2 Drama

What should I have already achieved?

Students wishing to enrol in the NCEA L2 Drama course should have measurable experience and understanding in Drama. This could be from taking one of the year 11 Drama courses, or having been involved in Drama productions either at previous schools or through external performance groups.

What will I learn?

In L2 Drama you will become Drama literate. You will become confident in creating and performing Drama, harnessing your knowledge and physical application of the drama elements, performance techniques, creative conventions and technologies which when combined are the foundation of effective, relatable, memorable Dramatic works. 

Developing a strong repertoire and practice of the drama techniques, you will be confident in using their voice, body, movement and the space to create engaging, effective character and stage presence. Throughout each performance unit you will do in-depth analysis and reflection on the drama/theatre style, themes and dramatic intentions of the works. The scripts and conceptual topics we will explore will encourage you to gain a deeper appreciation of the rich, varying history of drama across many cultures, as well as providing opportunities for you to explore your own cultural heritage and issues or ideas which are most interesting to you. The nature of Drama will encourage you to critically examine and challenge your own and others attitudes, behaviours, values and biases.

How will this course be assessed?

There are three compulsory internals, and one external end of year exam. The internal standards are: one technique performance using a script of the students choice; script writing for which students must write their own scene, they can attempt to write a full one-act play if appropriate; devising, for which students will direct and perform their own inspired work. The end of year exam will see students analyse a professional, live theatre work.