Welcome to Silver

For silver you need to enrol in a service, skill and physical activity for 6-12 months. See here for more information.

At this level you will take more responsibility for organising parts of your adventurous journey. We support you with information, training and guidance,

We usually offer a practise tramp in the Kaimais in May, and a final tramp in December in the Waitakeres. Click on the links for photos and more information about the route. These will be on a first come first served basis as numbers are limited.

You can also go with Bigfoot Adventures or AdventureWorks. 


Tutorials run for a few weeks before each tramp and there is training day for each one.

Click on these links for access to training resources:  

Map reading : River crossing : Firelighting : Emergency shelters : Survival fire

How much will it cost?

The cost varies according to numbers. If there are 40 students it costs less; if there are 15 students it costs more. Less is between $80 - $100 per tramp; more is $120 - $180 per tramp. 

We don't supply gear so you have to either buy it or hire it. 

Hiring it adds an additional cost of $25-$35