Phy 2 course description


Assessment Policy and Procedures

All assessments will be managed as per the OSC National Qualifications Framework Handout which includes procedures relating to: late work, absence from an assessment, authenticity, a request for the review of a grade or assessment procedures, breaches of the rules, the derived grade process, special assessment conditions and moderation.


Students sign an Authenticity Statement each year to confirm that ALL assessed work is their own.


Ø  The 4 credit internal experiment (P2.1) will be inf week 9 of Term 1. 

Ø  Other assessments:


        Text Books/workbooks: 



NCEA Reassessment

Ø  As explained above: because of the nature of the internally assessed experiment and the internal test on modern physics being done last year there will not be reassessment opportunities. 

Ø  You will have multiple chances to practice the material and skills and receive feedback before each assessment.

         In the Science department classes, in addition to the health and safety guidelines, there are expectations about your self-management               and how you work with your peers.

        Self-management means:

       To help you and your peers to achieve your potential we ask that you show respect for others.

       You can do this by:


       Guidelines for Level 3 Physics Homework Hand-outs

        For mathematical mistakes comments could involve:

      For descriptive mistakes comments could involve: