Media Studies L2 - Film & Media Studies

What should I have already achieved?

You should have NCEA Literacy. For best preparation, you should have passed the production project in either MEDR or MEDS. Discuss with Mr Johnson if you have a different background in Media Studies; media-saavy students often enjoy media studies without previous formal study.

What will I learn?

Level 2 Film & Media Studies is about the Hidden Meanings in Media - the world of meaning that lies just behind the obvious images on TV and film.

In Level 2, Media Studies is about 

A BYOD computer capable of running the Adobe CC suite (either Windows or Apple Mac) is strongly recommended. All students are expected to learn video editing.

How will this course be assessed?

There is the opportunity to be assessed against 17 internal credits and 4 external credits in this course. Excelling students will have the opportunity to be assessed for an additional 4 credit English exam or 3 credit English Close Viewing internal as part of one of their units of study.

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)

Due to the amount of content in the year, there are most likely no additional opportunities to achieve through a further assessment opportunity on any of these assessments.

Are there any Pre-requisite for level 3?

14 credits in Level 2 Media Studies, English, or discretionary entry approved by the teacher in charge.

What are the course costs?

Optional $25 for student who choose to compete in the 48 Hours film competition in May.