Media Studies L2

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What should I have already achieved?

You should have passed the production project in either MEDR or MEDS as best preparation. Discuss with Mr Johnson if you have a different background in Media Studies.

What will I learn?

Level 2 Media Studies is about the Hidden Meanings in Media - the world of meaning that lies just behind the obvious images on TV and film. In Level 2 Media Studies is about the active exploration of the role of media in society, the analysis of media products, and creation of media products. Level 2 Media Studies aims to expose you to the range of topics covered in Media Studies, and build core skills for the future. The three strands of Media Studies are your windows into the media this year, and the understanding each of them is crucial for successful study of the others.  You will study representation of different groups in the media, narrative techniques used in successful TV shows, the design and planning of Media products, and production techniques as you make your own video.

Term 1 involves developing creativity and plan creative projects. Term 2 involves making a Music Video, and examines how the media represents different groups in society. Term 3 involves a study of how narrative is created in TV shows, and how you are manipulated, and then looks at how superhero films have changed over time. Term 4 is focused on preparation for exams.

A BYOD device capable of running the Adobe CC suite (either Windows or Apple Mac) is strongly recommended.

How will this course be assessed?

There is the opportunity to be assessed against 17 internal credits and 4 external credits in this course.

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)

Due to the amount of content in the year, there are no opportunities to achieve through a further assessment opportunity on any of these assessments.

Are there any Pre-requisite for level 3?

14 credits in Level 2 Media Studies, English, or History or discretional entry approved by the teacher in charge.

What are the course costs?

$10 for 1-year licence for Adobe CC suite.

Optional $25 for 48 Hours film competition.