Accounting Level 2

NOTES: * UE Literacy credits Reading (R) = 0 , UE Literacy credits Writing (W) =0 , UE Literacy credits Numeracy (N) 16

Total credits available from Accounting 2 standard pathway = 16 credits.

What should I have already achieved?

Students studying Level 2 Accounting MUST have done a semester of Accounting AND passed AS 90978 (AS 1.3); End of Topic Test or External Exam in Level 1.

What will I learn?

This course offers students an opportunity to develop their thinking skills as well as provide understanding of how small entities operate. Focus will be on Processing transactions using an Accounting Software, Preparing and analysing financial statements and managing accounts receivable and accounts payable subsystem.

How will this course be assessed?

Learning in Accounting will be assessed through both internal and external achievement standards. The focus is on learning the skills that are needed to accurately process financial information, prepare financial statements and provide financial advice to small business owners.

Further Assessment Opportunities (FAO)?

There are no FAO in Level 2 Accounting.


Resubmission will only be allowed where a student has gained a "Non-Achieved" grade. This opportunity would enable a student to gain an Achieved grade only.

What are the course costs?

1. Workbooks (Learner Workbook $ 26 and AME Book $17)

2. An Exercise book