Do you know what to do when a bee stings you or when you have indigestion? Explore your passion for chemistry through experimenting with chemical reactions.  Think like a scientist and carry out a range of practical investigations to explore acids and bases in our daily lives. 

What will I learn in this chemistry course?

You will be equipped with good practice in laboratory safety to carry out scientific investigations.  In a small group, you will design 'fair tests' by planning, carrying out and analysing data to form valid conclusions.  You will integrate your scientific ideas and personal observations with the scientific ideas of others to make testable predictions.  In your scientific report, you will reason in a concise manner that are justified by relevant chemistry concepts, supported by primary data and qualitative observations.  You will learn to use appropriate chemical terms, formulae, and equations to describe your investigations.

Semester 1 Planners (Term 1 & Term 2)

What are the recommendations for Level 2 Chemistry course in 2025?