Level 3 Biology 2023 COURSE OUTLINE. 
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Learning guides, resources, quizzes and student tracking will be done on Google Docs (linked to your school email) & Googleclassroom. All students opting into this course will be given a quick induction tutorial on how to manage their own learning online. It is an expectation that students are aware of the course requirements and how to navigate the website for resources provided in the course.

*UE Literacy Credits: R - Reading // W - Writing

Writing: 12 Credits

What I should already have achieved?

What will I learn?

The key aspects of biology studied in this course are homeostasis in humans, the implications for genetic transfer, concepts of evolution and population genetics.

You will develop a deeper appreciation for some of the socio-scientific issues present today, and extend your scientific/biological knowledge to make informed decisions/choices regarding such issues.

You will further develop your knowledge & understanding of ecology and population genetics, as we explore the implications of genetic manipulation (such as selective breeding & transgenesis), how and why plants & animals respond to their external environment, and the trends in human evolution.  

Finally, for those planning on attempting all 3 external standards (Speciation is an optional external), you will have the opportunity to extend your biological knowledge to attempt the Biology Scholarship paper. 

How will this course be assessed?

This course contains 9 internal credits and 9 external credits, with the opportunity for 4 additional credits if the "optional" external is chosen. 

Any decision must be made following a discussion with the teacher in charge of the course, and your LA to ensure the implications for future course selection and career pathways are clearly understood.

The course has been well structured to provide students with a varied range of assessment types, such as research & report writing skills and investigations skills. These skills are fundamental for students wishing to continue on with tertiary education at Universities/Polytechnic Institutions in fields such as medicine, biomedical science, health science, sport science, veterinary science, agri & horticultural science, marine biology, anthropology, physiotherapy and so on.

Ultimately, this course has been designed to provide the core and fundamental skills for students aiming to move on to tertiary education at Universities or Polytechnic Institutions. 

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)

There will be NO Further Assessment opportunities for any of the internal standards offered for this course.

It is advised that you make full use of your itimes, formative/practice assessments, and feedback from your teacher, to ensure you are prepared for the internal standards.

This will help you to achieve the best grade possible.

Reading: 16 Credits

What are the course costs? 

Auckland Zoo Trip - $45*

 *This is an estimated cost only and may change.