Media Studies L3

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Achievement Standards for MED3

What should I have already achieved?

At least 14 credits in NCEA level 2 Media Studies or L2 English is recommended as best preparation. It is a course heavily focused on building on previous Media Studies knowledge and skill. A high level of analytical reading and writing is assumed. Students without a Media Studies or a strong background from English will struggle to achieve 14 credits at Level 3. Discuss with Mr Johnson if you have questions about the suitability of your prior learning and skills.

What will I learn?

Level 3 Media Studies is about "The Media of the Future". Trends are driven by film and media, and media makers play a crucial role in making the audience's perceptions about reality, what's coming next, and we should be thinking about as a society.

The course is heavily focused on development of a polished, developed interactive short film, over two terms. You will build on skills gained from across your subjects in your twelve years of school experience: knowledge of film and media genres, storytelling, project management, teamwork, planning, design, and more.

After learning about different film genres, you will come up with an idea for an interactive short film, like Black Mirror - Bandersnatch. You will script, plan, and develop your film idea. Groups will then pick their favourite designs and make those films, for exhibition to the school and publishing on the internet.

You will learn about changes and developments in the today's fast-moving world of Media, and how audiences interpret media texts in different ways, and why they argue about them. The year finishes with an in-depth genre study on the ever changing nature of Science Fiction film and how it reflects the fears of the society in which it is made.

A BYOD device capable of running the Adobe CC suite (either Windows or Apple Mac) is strongly recommended.

How will this course be assessed?

There is the opportunity to be assessed against 16-17 internal credits and 4 external credits in this course.

Will there be any FAO? (Further Assessment Opportunities)

Due to the amount of content in the year, there are no opportunities to achieve through a further assessment opportunity on any of these assessments.

What are the course costs?

$10 for 1-year licence for Adobe CC suite.

Optional $25 for 48 Hours film competition.