Ko te reo te ora - Language is life

Ko te reo te tuakiri - Language is my identity

Ko te reo tōku ahurei - Language is my uniqueness


What will you learn in Year 11 English?

  • show a developed awareness of how aspects of te ao Māori are woven through texts by reading a range of Māori literature

  • learn to describe and explain how aspects of Māori storytelling shape texts

  • interpret ideas within and between texts from a range of contexts

  • identify and understand the features of language use in particular contexts

  • communicate developed ideas by selecting and using a range of language features accurately for a variety of effects

  • seek feedback and make changes, with guidance, to improve clarity, meaning and effect

  • identify, describe, and explain their own perspectives through their responses to various texts

  • show a developed understanding of how writers position their intended audience through using the language conventions and techniques, point of view, structure, contexts, and intended purpose that shape a range of texts

  • take a stance, explaining and justifying their interpretations of increasingly complex texts, using examples and/or details primarily from the text but also from beyond it

  • identify how identity influences and informs personal responses to language and language choices

  • describe and explain the literary qualities of increasingly complex texts using examples from the text.