2020 L3 Table of standards.docx

What should I have already achieved?

14 credits in Level 2 Chemistry (including 2 external achievement standards) or at the discretion of the teacher in charge of the course, in consultation with the LA .

What will I learn?

Chemistry enables us to understand the properties of different materials and to transform materials into new and useful substances. Through Chemistry, we can understand changes that we observe in the natural and physical world. Chemistry gives us understandings on which to base educated choices about consumer products and management of resources.

Specifically the course will cover:

  • Properties and changes of matter

  • Interpreting observations in terms of the particles (atoms, molecules, ions, and sub-atomic particles)

  • Structures, and interactions present and making connections between the concepts of chemistry, their applications

  • Developing an understanding of the role chemistry plays in the world around you

How will this course be assessed?

  • Standard 91393 and 91388 will be assessed by Internal Assessment in Term 1 and Term 2;

  • Standard 91390, 91391, 91392 will be assessed by External Assessment in November.

Students will be entered for minimum of 14 credits (including at least 3 credits from internal and 4 credits from external achievement standards, this will enable the student to achieve a course endorsement for Level 3 chemistry).

Are there any opportunities for resubmission?

  • Resubmissions will only be allowed to take a student from "Not Achieved" grade to an "Achieved" grade.

Will there be any further assessment opportunities (FAO)?

  • No, due to the nature of the course no further assessment opportunity provided. Sufficient practice will be provided with formative assessments.