Recording of Results

Documentation and Recording of Results

Students are required to verify the sighting and acceptance of the grade awarded by signing the result print out provided or the result slip attached to each piece of internally assessed work. Students will also be required to verify the final grades awarded that are submitted to NZQA later in the year.

Students will maintain their own records of results on in their own student planners. Students should also check their NCEA results online as explained below and should inform their Learning Advisor, in the first instance,  if the are omissions or errors.

Students are asked to regularly check accuracy of published results via the student portal as well as with their NZQA logins with assistance from their Learning Advisors.

Privacy Of Student Information

In keeping with the School’s policy on confidentiality of student information, student confidentiality will be respected throughout all assessment procedures. Students will see only their own details, work and results, unless they have the express permission of the other student concerned. 

Accessing Record of Learning

Students may access their Record of Learning through the NZQA website