Missed or Late assessments


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If extensions are required for NCEA internal assessments, they need to be applied for before the due date.

An application form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Be aware that extensions are not automatically granted and only valid reasons as explained below could have extensions granted if logistically possible.

You know in advance what your other commitments are and it is your responsibility to get assessments in. Students should also be aware that it is not always possible to offer internal assessments of a practical nature at other times as these involve considerable planning, resources and preparation time.

Absences due to Illness, Bereavement or Trauma:

When a student has missed an assessment or deadline due to illness a medical certificate signed by a New Zealand registered medical practitioner must be brought to the relevant course teacher(s). The student concerned will complete a “Missed Assessment” form and hand in to the course teacher. The TIC/CL will determine the appropriate action to be taken:

  1. If a Further Assessment Opportunity (FAO) is offered for the standard, the student will use that opportunity.

  2. If another opportunity to be assessed on return to school is realistically and logistically possible, the student can use this opportunity. Alternative credits from another standard may be another option.

  3. If an extension is logistically and realistically possible, the student can use this opportunity.

  4. If appropriate, recorded standard-specific evidence from other comparable authentic work is to be used to demonstrate achievement of the Standard.

  5. If a student is absent for a significant period of time prior to an internal assessment as a result of the reasons above then the student may apply for an extension if appropriate. This application must be made at least 7 days before the day of the assessment taking place.

  6. In the case of bereavement or other trauma a letter is to be taken to the Deputy Principal or Principal’s Nominee outlining the nature of the trauma.

Absences for Approved Activities

  • For absences due to official representative commitments sanctioned by the school,the Derived Grade procedure for grades will be used.

  • For any school trip that necessitates a student missing a period from another course the student must gain permission for their absence from that class on the permission slip provided. Students should anticipate assessment clashes and notify the course teachers concerned immediately.

  • The Deputy Principal will adjudicate in the case of disputes.

Absences for other reasons

When a student is absent from an assessment for any other reason (ie "special" leave), special leave can only be given by the Principal. In cases of absence for self-interest leave (e.g. holiday) students will have no grade awarded unless

  • It is logistically possible to complete the internal assessments prior to the leave date

  • It is possible to use other authentic evidence where applicable at the discretion of the Principal’s Nominee

  • there is a Further Assessment

PLEASE NOTE: a later sitting may not always be possible regardless of the reason for absence.

Students would still be able to achieve the equivalent of an endorsable course with other standards which are offered.

All other Absences

An absence not covered by a medical certificate or by special leave permission is 'non legitimate' and will result in no grade being awarded for that assessment.

Late Submission of Assessment Work

Students will submit work on the due date to be considered for the awarding of internally assessed Achievement Standards. This includes meeting checkpoint deadlines during an assessment over a period of time.

  1. If students choose to complete work electronically it is important that they plan their assessment time-line to allow for the possibility of computer problems. These could include computer/disk/printer problems and students must understand that these are their responsibility and may not be considered legitimate grounds for reconsideration.

  2. If computer problems do occur, in the first instance the teacher must be contacted immediately. If the teacher is not available, the Learning Advisor must be contacted immediately. It may be possible by arrangement with the TIC to hand in Electronic Files at the due time. It is necessary to bring supporting material (e.g. a draft or working notes) in case the files are non-recoverable. A letter from the Parent/Caregiver giving detailed verification of the computer problem experienced and a daytime contact phone number must accompany the electronic files.

  3. The Deputy Principals/Principal's Nominee will adjudicate and decide whether an extension or other assessment opportunity will be provided.

Note: Externally assessed portfolio work (Technology, Graphics and Visual Arts) must be handed in on the set date – no extensions are granted under any circumstances.

Student Procedures:

  1. Students should keep and update Assessment Outlines for each subject and record key dates in their student planner.

  2. Students should manage available time to complete assessments in all subjects. Ormiston Senior College will provide support and guidance to help all students plan their time effectively through the Learning Advisor

  3. Students should where applicable meet checkpoint deadlines or milestone deadlines during the preparation of an assessment activity.

  4. Failure to submit assessment work by the final due date without approval will result in Not Achieved grade of the Standard


Students may apply in writing using the approved form to the teacher for an extension in limited circumstances. If a student has been prevented from working towards an internally assessed standard for valid reasons such as illness or a family bereavement an extension may be applied for

  • Students must discuss the issue with their class teacher at the earliest opportunity

  • Students will be granted an extension where the reasons are deemed valid (with CL approval)

  • Where an extension involves checkpoints or milestones during the preparation period, an extension is highly unlikely to be granted if prior checkpoint deadlines for the task have not been met.

  • In rare cases, eg when a student is doing only part of a course, submission dates may vary or be extended for the individual as part of the personalised programme ( planned in conjunction with the LA.)