DRAC - Curtain Call

Whether you are considering a career pathway in the performing arts; or any other professional field such as medicine, law, politics and business, then Drama is the ideal program to develop life-long skills such as:

  • Adaptability, empathy, social awareness, critical thinking;

  • Communication, listening skills, teamwork, leadership, resilience;

  • Creative and innovative thinking, imagination, confidence, self-esteem, safe risk-taking.

What will I learn?

In this course you will gain the skills needed to be a well-rounded performer and communicator. Your focus will be to develop your understanding, application and practice of the Drama techniques. You will have a number of performance and directing opportunities, eventually ending with a final Drama presentation.

Throughout the rest of the semester you may also participate in some of the following learning experiences:

  • Script work and script performance;

  • Performing in front of live audiences;

  • Workshops led by professional leaders in the NZ theatre sector;

  • Attend professional live theatre shows;

  • Gain physical skills and experience in Drama performance;

  • Theoretical understanding and physical application of the Drama techniques and the Drama elements;

  • Connecting with diverse people, ideas, cultures and history.