Course Endorsement and UE

Course Endorsements and Certificate Endorsements

How do I achievement my subject with Merit or Excellence?

Students will be able to have their strengths in individual courses recognised with a course endorsement at Merit or Excellence.

Students will gain an endorsement for a course where they achieve:

1. 14 or more credits at Merit or Excellence at the lower level that supports the endorsement for example:

2. At least 3 credits from externally assessed standards and 3 credits from internally assessed standards

3. Sufficient credits in a single school year.

How do I achieve NCEA Level 1 or NCEA Level 2 with Merit or Excellence?

1. Merit endorsement = 50 credits at Merit (or Excellence) at the same level, or higher.

2. Excellence endorsement = 50 credits at Excellence at the same level, or higher.

3. Credits can be accumulated over more than one year for the purposes of certificate endorsement.

University Entrance beyond 2014

How do I gain University Entrance after 2014? (for 2015 University year)

From 2014 Students will need all of the following to be awarded UE:

1. Attain NCEA Level 3

2. Achieve 14 credits at level 3 in each of the three subjects from the list of approved subjects

3. Achieve UE numeracy – 10 credits at Level 1 or above from specific achievement standards, or three specific numeracy unit standards

4. Achieve UE literacy – 10 credits (five in reading and five in writing) at Level 2 or above in specific chievement standards, or specific Te Reo Maori and Te Reo Rangatira level 2 or above