Physical Education

Physical Education is a university-approved subject 

Physical Education approved achievement standards that will be covered in PED3 2023.

91499 (3 credits), 91501 (4 credits), 91502 (4 credits), and 91789 (4 credits). 

Unit Standard opportunities are also available as an alternative on request. 

 At least 12 credits at level 2 or have had success in English rich subjects

What is the course about?

 This is a university-approved academic subject with a full Achievement Standards course.            There are practical components which complement the learning in this course.  

This level 3 course will foster critical thinking and will enable you to understand the role and significance of physical activity for self, others and society.  You will have have the opportunity to learn in a range of practical contexts (e.g. Duathlon, sport, paintball and coaching) as well as apply your prior knowledge of biomechanics, well being and personal performance to a deeper level. 

What will I learn?

How will this course be assessed?

All standards in Physical Education are internally assessed.

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities) FAO are on offer in AS 91501 or AS 91503.

What are the course costs? $0.