What will I learn?

Geography offers you the opportunity to learn about contemporary issues facing the world we live in today and the impact of decisions on our future. You will investigate how and why people change and use their environment and also the impact of changes to the environment on people.

Each semester offers you different learning experiences across an array of topics within the field of Geography. Geography allows you to explore issues at local, national and global scales and find possible solutions to many of today's contemporary issues.

Field trips in Semester One:

Taupo - Tongariro Volcanic Environment: 3 days / 2 Nights (Climate Dependent - Thursday 14 May to Friday 16 May). The purpose of learning beyond the classroom is to discover and experience a large natural volcanic environment through field investigations and guest speakers. This field trip supports a number of assessments for example, AS91011 "Conduct geographic research, with direction" (4 credits) or Level 2 AS91189 "Investigate geological processes in a New Zealand locality" (4 credits) and supports the external applying AS91010 "Apply concepts and basic geographic skills to demonstrate understanding of a given environment" (4 credits).

Cost: (estimate only) $400 per student based on class numbers. This cost includes ALL accommodation, transportation, guides / guest speakers and meals. Please note this field trip involves all Geography classes.

Further details of all Field Trips 2020 will be discussed in Class and information provided for parents/guardians in due course.