Media Studies

What will I learn?

Recent events have shown Media Studies is essential to everyone: misinformation & disinformation are everywhere, but how do spot them and protect ourselves? Every job involves communication - how does mass communication actually work in marketing, business, education, entertainment, and news? How do different people use the media? Do you have a shared understanding of the world with others? How does the Media show us the world, and can journalists be trusted?

  • Exploring how we find out about what's real.

  • Examining how media are used to influence and inform in the world

  • Journalism project: being a citizen journalist and making media to inform or influence.

What will I learn?

What are the stories told about YOU in the media? How do the stories that you watch, play, and read make you? Teens consume somewhere between 3-8 hours of media a day - what effect does this have on how you think about culture, values, fashion, music, and the world around you? How does the media show people like you?

  • Genre study of teen culture in Film and TV

  • Exploring how different generations use media differently - and why no one's way is best.

  • Youtube film making project