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Resistance Movements

Students will be able to explore the different forms of resistance in Aotearoa New Zealand and/or around the world. Looking at the social, political and economic aspects of the resistance and its impact on society today. Students will be building on their research inquiry skills in order to help them understanding how to critique sources and drawn conclusions. 

Korean War

Students will explore the Korea and New Zealand's involvement in the Korean War. Through this topic students will engage with concepts such as cause and effect, alongside significance in order to understand why this war is possible 'forgotten' yet an important part of Aotearoa New Zealand's history and political engagements. 


We will be exploring different aspects of the Holocaust, including the event of Kristallnacht, Night of the Broken Glass. Through this we will look at perspectives through victims, perpetrators, bystanders and upstanders, as well as a historians lens to build a wider understanding of key events that make up the Holocaust

Will there be any FAO? (Further Assessment Opportunities)

No, there will be no opportunities to complete any Further Assessment Opportunities in History.

Will there be resubmissions?

Resubmissions will only be allowed that take a student from a Not Achieved to an Achieved grade.