Fee Structure for Domestic Candidates

NZQA Fees and Financial Assistance

NZQA fees (inclusive of any NZ Scholarship fees) appear on school invoices and are due by the end of August.

Financial Assistance is available for domestic students, see below.

Scholarship Fees

With exception of approved financial assistance applicants, entry into one or more NZQA Scholarship subject would have incurred an extra fee of $30 (GST incl.) per subject for domestic students and $102.20 (GST incl.) per subject for international students, on top of the general NZQA fee of $76.70.

Please note, students that wish to withdraw from any number of NZQA Scholarship subjects after 28 August can not be reimbursed. NZQA do not accept requests to withdraw from NZQA Scholarship or reimburse Scholarship fees beyond this date.

If you are an international fee paying student (generally a non-resident of New Zealand), a different fee structure applies.

How Do I Pay The Fees?

Payment of fees directly to Ormiston Senior College by the end of August.

If you have not paid your fee to the school by the deadline, you will have to pay NZQA directly, plus the NZD$50 late fee. You must pay all of your fees to the school by the date given on the invoice. If you have any questions about the payment of fees you should contact your school.

Who Is Eligible For Financial Assistance?

To apply for financial assistance, the applicant (normally the parent or caregiver of the candidate) must meet at least one of the following criteria:-

  • Be receiving a Work and Income or Study Link benefit.
  • Have a joint family income below the threshold for receipt of a Community Services Card.
  • Have more than one child in the family paying fees

International fee paying students are not eligible for assistance.

If you think you may be eligible to receive financial assistance, a form needs to be completed and the school must sight the community services card. To check you are eligible and to download an application form please click here. The completed form must be returned to your school before the last Friday in August, which will submit your application to NZQA.

When you enter for qualifications, you agree to abide by the rules and procedures for these qualifications. The rules and procedures are available on the NZQA web site.