Sport & Recreation

What will I learn?

There will be a substantial focus on anatomy and physiology within the first term of this course unpacking bones, joints, muscles, movements and planes of motion to develop a sound understanding of the human body and how it moves. This will lead onto an exercise prescription component where students will explore exrcise to target the acute and chronic adpatations for the  muscular, cariovascular and respiritory systems in the body. In term two students will then apply this understanding to develop and implement a six week training plan working towards a specific health and fitness goal. This will include fitness assessment and measurement for health and sports performance.  In term three students will look into sports coaching and leadership learning how to structure and deliver a coaching session to a target group of students. The 3.4 performance standard will also be included as part of the Sport & Recreation course in 2023 which will consist of students being assessed on their performance in two different contexts. 

Note: for the 2024 course

There will be one further achievement standard added to this course for 2024 offering eight achievement standard credits. 

Note: This course is primarily unit standards based. The only standard towards university entrance will be AS91501 (3.4) performance standard. 

How will this course be assessed?

Students will be assessed through a range of unit standard and achievment standard assessments

Unit standards

30636: Demonstrate knowledge of the human body and its movement during exercise and stretching (V1) Level 3 (7 Cr)

30447: Demonstrate basic knowledge of anatomical structures and physiological responses to exercise (V1) Level 3 (5Cr)

30935: Develop and implement an exercise plan for personal physical fitness (V1) Level 3 (5Cr)

Achievement standards

A91501 (3.4): Demonstrate quality performance of a physical activity in an applied setting (V2) Level 3 (4Cr)

One additonal achievement stadnard to be confirmed for 2024

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)

An FAO will be offered for AS91501.  Demonstrate quality performance of a physical activity in an applied setting

What are the course costs?

There are no course costs associated with this course. However, if students wish to participate in some externally instructed fitness sessions to gain experience and skills then this will occur