Student Leadership

Fostering the leadership potential in every student.

Student leadership is team based and project based. Students work in teams to plan and implement initiatives for the benefit of the school community and beyond. They take full responsibility for bringing these projects to fruition.

Student Leadership Teams

Supporting Student Learning

Tutoring during i-time, homework centre, activities that develop understanding of the norms

Caring about others

Local, national, global: charity events, community based events

Building and Celebrating our culture

Maori/Pasifika, International week, Yearbook and other publications, performing arts, sports

Encouraging participation and trying new things

Spirit events, performing arts, sports, have a go day/week


Student leadership at Ormiston Senior College is based on our vision and values.

In particular we aim to develop student leadership because:


Student leaders at Ormiston are selected after a process which begins with an application from the students explaining why and what they would like to lead at the college. From here they attend a leadership training session which includes presenting their leadership initiative to staff.

The students have three roles to play in the college: