Further Assessment Opportunities

Further Assessment Opportunities (FAO)

A maximum of one further opportunity for assessment of a standard may be provided within a year. A maximum of one further opportunity for assessment means none or one. It does not mean one must be offered. (See course outlines for standards where FAO’s are available)

Further assessment opportunities, if offered, are available to all students. Students can decline a second opportunity. It will occur after further learning has taken place and the higher of your two grades for that standard with be awarded. 

FAO's available during the year are listed in each course outline at the start of the year.


It is possible to get one opportunity for resubmission of work against a certain standard for the grade of Achieved only. A resubmission will be limited to specific aspects of the assessment. Re‐submission does not need to be provided. You should be advised of this at the start of the year by your course teacher and/or in assessment details.

If a resubmission is offered, it must take place before the teacher gives any feedback to the whole class (or any student) on the work done. If more teaching has occurred after the first assessment opportunity, resubmission is not possible.

Some assessments take place over a longer period of time and there are a number of opportunities to reach the standard. You may do a portfolio of work and select the best pieces of work for submission towards the end of the course. The teachers give you feedback and you have the opportunity to improve your performance before the final submission date. This is different from a formal resubmission opportunity. It is part of the normal teaching and learning process.