2024 Uniform Refresh

School uniform is an important part of school identity and pride part of our Waka school norm. 

It is a very visible expression of who we are in our local community.

The Board of Trustees has committed to maintaining a school uniform and we would like to take the opportunity, as we move into our 13th year of operation, to refresh what it looks like, what is made of and how it fits.

In our refresh we would like to acknowledge the wide range of people in our school community and ensure the pieces that make up our uniform are: safe, comfortable and affordable. There are a number of designs that many other schools have introduced over the last decade and this is a good opportunity to carefully consider a uniform that will take us into our next decade with pride.

You will recognise our school colours as we seek to honour our past and our whenua (land)

Some options to consider will be clothing you’re able to source from many places. Other pieces we could look to source through our uniform supplier. 

Our process to seek your voice


To begin our consultation process we would like to gather information on designs that have been prepared by our uniform supplier. This will be through a survey which will be sent to students, whānau and staff. Although represents a careful reconsideration of the status quo to reflect changing needs - there is plenty of room for feedback and change. The survey is your best chance to have individual feedback.

Our next steps will be to analyse this and then towork with smaller focus groups to integrate the feedback, further develop the design concept so that it is the best fit for our students, their whānau and the school.

We will then submit a proposal to school leaders and our Board to consider on behalf of the whole school community.

Survey & focus group

When you are sent the link through your student email, please take the time to fill in the survey, we value your opinion. If you would like to be considered as a member of a focus group, please email adavis@ormiston.school.nz with a little information about why this interests you.

2024 Uniform Refresh Info.pdf
Ormiston Senior College_Design Concept 2024.pdf

The survey link will be sent out to the followinng emails.

There will be a whānau, student and staff focus group

If you would like to be considered for oneof these please email a brief statement of why you would like to be a member to: