Level 2 Dance

Potential pathways:

What should I have already achieved?
For the best success it is recommended that you have taken level 1 Dance in the previous year. However students who have demonstrated a passion for performing arts either within the school or externally are also welcome to take this course.

What will I learn?

In year 12 dance you will continue to develop your technical skills, movement understanding, performance and choreography.

Alongside the physical learning, you will learn theoretical knowledge by researching and exploring Dance history and its place in culture and society. You will also learn dance literacy and how to apply it when critically analysing your own and others work, plus you will use it to write your end of year external exam.

In performance standards you will be challenged to develop technical and performance skills in a range of dance styles. There will be opportunities for you to teach from your own culture and expertise, and to learn from your peers too. In choreography you will be guided to develop your own ideas, expression, and sense of identity. You will be encouraged to ask questions, challenge assumptions, promote difference, and provoke alternative thinking.

Others opportunities throughout the year will include:

How will this course be assessed?

There are three internals, and one external end of year exam. The internal standards are: 

Transferable skills you'll develop: