Business Studies

Year Plan                                                                                                                                                             

What should I have already achieved?

You have taken Business Studies for a semester in Level 1 or have gained  NCEA Level 1 literacy.   

Have an entrepreneurial spirit - ability to work in a team, a willingness to try new things and be awesome.    

What will I learn?

The Level 2 course is a project based course where you will have the ability to  set up and run a real business, make real products and use real money that your business wishes to invest.  

How is this course assessed?

 The focus is on learning the skills needed to effectively plan for and run a business. Learning in Business Studies is assessed through both internal and external achievement standards.

Motivation Theory Field Trip

In Term 1 students are recommended to visit  AUT City Campus or Rainbows End to investigate the Motivation Theories used by the business to train their staff in order to ensure excellent customer service.   The cost of this field trip is approximately $45 per student.

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)

No. The learning takes place over most of the year, from the start of Term 1 till the end of Term 3. The size and scale of the project means that FAO's are not able to be offered.

Will there be resubmissions?

Resubmission will only be allowed where a student has gained a "Non-Achieved" grade.  This opportunity would enable a student to gain an Achieved grade only.  

Business Studies Clauses: