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Summary of NCEA:

The National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) is New Zealand’s national school leaver qualification. It is a qualification on New Zealand's National Qualifications Framework (NQF) that sits alongside more than 900 other national qualifications used throughout tertiary education and industry training.

The aim of these webpages is to provide an overview of all NCEA levels in the five courses (subjects) that you have chosen. The curriculum offered at Ormiston Senior College is designed to meet the needs of students with widely divergent course selections.

Abbreviations used throughout this booklet include:

How will I be assessed? 

The skills and knowledge you gain when you study subject areas like English, Science and Maths are made up of component “standards”. Qualifications are gained by building up credits, awarded for each standard you achieve. The standards offered in each course (or subject) are listed under the courses tab.

Under NCEA students can be assessed through both externally assessed standards and internally assessed standards. The internal assessments could include the use of technology. However, for the external assessments during the November examination period, digital assessment options will not be offered until further notice. (Except for SAC students)

How many credits are needed to earn NCEA?

To gain NCEA Level 1:    Achieve 80 credits at any level (Level 1, 2 or 3). This must include a minimum of 10 credits in literacy and 10 in numeracy. 

Since 2019 onwards , Ormiston will not be offering the full NCEA Level 1 qualification. 

To gain NCEA Level 2:    Achieve 80 credits with  a minimum of 60 credits at Level 2 or above; and 20 credits at any level.

To gain NCEA Level 3:    Achieve 80 credits with  a minimum of 60 credits at Level 3 or above; and 20 credits at Level 2 or above. 

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