What will you learn?

A prerequisite requirement for Scholarship English is you need to love reading a variety of texts, watching films/television, and critical thinking.  You need to read, view, and listen to a variety of texts throughout the year. 

Ormiston Senior College provides a challenging and demanding academic course for Year 13 English students to participate in the NZQA Scholarship exams. This course challenges the most capable of English students.  Students sit the Scholarship exams in consultation with their English teachers and are supported by workshops in school throughout the year. Scholarship exams, comprise three components and take place at the end of the year.

Students need to use independent and original thought, establish a strong thesis, and argue this consistently to develop a coherent argument.  To write with sophistication, maturity, and with a strong sense of personal voice against their chosen genre and texts.

The scholarship workshops begin in the middle of Term 1 to prepare students for this challenging exam.

We will run sessions with guest speakers to provide students with some insight into what it takes to be academically successful and develop an academic mindset. 

For more information on the scholarship course, contact the English curriculum leader, Mrs Closey. Email: