Level 3 Statistics

What should I have already achieved? 

A PC Device (laptop  or chromebook) is recommended as this course requires the use of spreadsheets and online statistical software. This software does not come at any cost. A Casio Fx8200AU Scientific Calculator is highly recommended for the Probability Distributions external.

What will I learn?

This course is an introduction to key statistical ideas and skills transferable to tertiary study in statistics.  In addition, these ideas and skills will prepare students for fieldwork where the collection, analysis, and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data are important. 

Students will develop a systematic understanding of patterns in real-world data. Statistical models and frameworks for data analysis will the used to make judgments (or statistical inferences).

Students will produce their own reports, and develop the skills needed to critique commonplace statistics and statistical reports such as media articles and survey reports. They will learn to research, be succinct and present their findings to relevant stakeholders. 

How will this course be assessed? 

A maximum of 20 credits are available in this course with 3 internal assessments worth 12 credits and 2 external assessments worth 8 credits.