Special Assessment Conditions

  1. Some students need special conditions to allow them to do their best in assessments including examinations. Please refer to the NZQA website for SAC information.

  2. If students require, special conditions notification from parents is necessary at the time of enrolment and they need to be aware that appropriate documentation must be supplied to support such an application. This documentation must be provided at the beginning of the year to allow time for the application process to NZQA.

  3. Students approved for special assessment conditions for externally assessed achievement standards must have had the same kind of assistance in all of their school assessments throughout the year.

  4. Reader/writers are to abide by school and NZQA rules.

  5. Special assessment conditions commonly approved for internal/external assessment include:

    • Extra Time allowance

    • Modifications to Examination Question and Answer booklet format.

    • Use of computers and other equipment

    • Examination assistance by reader/writer/reader-writer

    • Special assessment conditions for the hearing impaired

    • Separate accommodation.

  6. Rules and procedures for Special Assessment Conditions are published HERE