Guidelines for students

Respect for the learning of others

As most of the learning occurs in open spaces all staff and students are are asked to respect the fact that they must not interfere with the learning of others around them

Permission to use a vehicle for driving to and from school

Only those students who have;

i) sought permission in writing

ii) completed the defensive driving course

iii) registered the vehicle details with the office

iv) permission from parents/caregivers to bring a car to school. They must not allow other passengers to travel in the car and it may not be used at any time during the school day unless approved in writing for a legitimate purpose such as Gateway

Please note: Students can't park in the staff carpark during school hours.

Uniform requirements

students are expected to wear correct uniform at all times on their way to and from school as well as while in school. Wearing sports gear for practices, PE, Dance etc does not allow students to have an exemption for wearing non uniform to or from school. Hats are not a part of the uniform nor are coloured shoes. 


The college has a responsibility to treat punctuality as a work-place skill and as such we reserve the right to place consequences upon those students who are consistently late to school or class. Any consequences will be consistent with the college’s restorative processes.

Signing in and out

We have a legal health and safety responsibility to know where all students are at anytime from 8:30 am to 3:30pm and as such any student arriving late or leaving the college early must sign in or out. Students require their parents to notify the college office or LA of any absence or to bring a note explaining the absence.

Use of Cafe

The Cafe is a communal space for staff and students and as such is to be respected as a public space where excessive noise and/or activity is unacceptable. The college office is located in the cafe space and students need to be aware of the needs of the office staff and of any visitors who are waiting in the reception area.

All students are expected to leave the cafe tidy upon leaving and to have removed any rubbish to the recycling bins.

Eating in Learning Commons

The Learning Commons have a dual role as a learning space and as a communal space. In order to respect the learning environment eating and drinking is confined to the area immediately surrounding the counter with the water and microwave.

Unoccupied spaces around the college

If any area is not furnished then it is not available for student use at any time unless directed by a staff member

Leaving the college during the day

Students may only leave the college grounds for approved purposes. This may change in Term 2 for Year 13 students.