2019 Level 2 Standards

What should I have already achieved?

For the greatest success, students wishing to enrol in the Year 12 English course should have had success in the year 11 English course through developing their reading & writing literacy, research processes, collaboration skills, visual language and digital competency.

Students should be aware the University Entrance Literacy credits are available in other courses, and the Year 12 English course is a choice.

The University of Auckland is requiring students to have 17 credits in Level 2 or Level 3 English in order to qualify for unconditional entry to any course of study. If you do not intend for English to be a Table A course in Year 13, this will mean achieving 17 credits at Level 2.

What will I learn?

In English, you will study, use and enjoy language and literature that is communicated orally, visually and in writing. You will learn to become a more effective oral, written and visual communicator. You will be making meaning from ideas and information you receive (by listening, reading and viewing) and creating meaning for yourself and others (by speaking, writing and presenting). You will apply different processes and strategies to develop knowledge, skills and understandings related to: text purposes and audiences, ideas within language contexts, language features, and the structure and organisation of texts.

All students in Year 12 English will participate in a teaching and learning programme that leads to opportunities to earn a minimum of 7-9 internal and 8 external credits. Students who are planning to continue on to Year 13 English should familiarise themselves with the pre-requisites for this course which includes the 6 credit Writing Portfolio (AS 91101).

How will this course be assessed?

You will be assessed via a combination of internal and external assessments. See above.

You may choose to undertake additional assessment tasks to support and extend your learning interests - this may include NCEA Level 3 English standards for some students who require significant challenge.

Will there be Further Assessment Opportunities (FAO)?

No assessments include an FAO.

What are the course costs?

Poetry in Action - $15

There is also an AME exam book available for students to purchase through reception for $22.