Listing of Sources

Listing Sources


Single Authors Example:

Green, A. Working the New Zealand waterfront, Dunedin, University of Otago Press, 2001.

Two Authors Example:

Grost, J., & Barron, R. The Maori King ,London, Macmillan, 1864

Joint Publication Example:

Janes Publishing. Janes Fighting Ships (100th ed.), London, Janes Publishing, 1983.

Articles or Chapter Example:

Gurman, A.S.,and Kriskern, D.P. Family therapy outcome research: Knowns and Unknowns. In Faculty of Business Studies. Assignment Writing Guides for Business Students. , Palmerston North, Massey University, 1981.

Newspapers, Magazines And Periodicals

Journal Article, one author:

Avery, M. The History of Jurisprudence before 1460, Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research, Vol. 42, 1969, pp. 129-44.

Newspaper article, no author:

Study finds free care used more, APA Monitor, 1982, April.

Electronic Sources


Name of CD-ROM , Name of producer, Date of Publication


Author. Title of item. [Online] Available http://address/filename, date of document or download.

DiStefano, V. Guidelines for better writing. [Online] Available, January 9, 1996.